When Is The Best Time To Replace A Roof?

If you have damaged shingles, granules in your gutters, or if your roof is nearing 20 years old, it’s time for a replacement.

The best time to schedule your replacement could be during the summer. This is a great season for roof restorations because the weather is consistently warm and there’s minimal rainfall. Replacing roof shingles could cost more time than expected, so choosing to do so during a season of consistent weather is ideal.

Timeline & Cost

The cost to reroof a house can vary depending on labor, materials, job size, and location. For instance, if you need special gear, such as roof jacks, this can also affect your cost.

The cost to replace roof shingles also depends on the slope and story of your home, for example, a house with 3 stories and a step slip will require more time and labor for the contractors to climb up and down the roof rather than a single-story home with a low slope.

Restoring your roof will require extensive labor to strip the old shingles, prepare the decking for a new installation, and to lay the new shingles, which will be more costly than re-roofing.

While some roofs are fully replaced within one business day, there are several factors that can prolong the installation. Weather, roofing materials (some materials have to be ordered from the manufacturer while others may take longer to install.)

How To Plan For A Roof Replacement

For starters, you can plan ahead. Don’t wait until you need new roofing to start planning for one. If you’re aware that your approaching expiration for your current roof, you could start saving money and pick a season to have your roof installed.

You could look up the average roof replacement cost and start putting money aside to build towards that goal; you could also have someone come to your home and give you a more accurate estimate of the roofing cost.

Next, find yourself a reliable roofer. This could be as easy as asking one of your neighbors for any recommendations or simply searching a phrase like “roof repair leak” into your search engine. Don’t choose a roofer without thorough investigation, knowing you have a great roofer is crucial.

Then, Pick a roofing material. You should select one that’ll hold up for many years. Know their differences and keep in mind that they vary in more ways than one, for example, the metal roof replacement cost will differ from the cost of a shingles roof.

Don’t obsess over cost. Reliable roofing is vital to a healthy peaceful life. This is definitely not the area of life to cut corners. Get a written estimate roof cost, and if you decide to proceed, get a written contract.

Do your research. Know the average rates, this will help when consulting with contractors. It’s easy to search phrases like “cost to reshingle roof” or “fascia and soffit replacement” for better clarity

Avoid Hidden Costs During A Roof Replacement

Often times during major projects you may find that the original cost doesn’t match the final cost and this could be due to a variety of variables, however, you can get your cost in writing before any work begins, and this ensures no unwanted surprises when it comes time pay later on..

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