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Whether you are wanting to improve the visual appeal of your property, maximize your home’s marketability, make basic improvement you have been putting on for a while or get rid of your leaking roof, Future Roof and Restoration is here to help and guide you through the process of roof replacement, reroofing or new roof installation.

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Improve your residential or commercial property

From the start to the finish of the process, we are always on your team and work to meet all of your specific property needs. We always make sure that all of your concerns are addressed and that your worries are taken seriously. We offer booth residential roof replacement as well as commercial roof replacement so there is no need to call someone else than Future Roof and Restoration for all your roofing/ re roofing or new roof installation needs.

We have several certifications and awards we pride ourselves with like GAF Master Elite Contactor Certification as Residential Contractor, GAF Master Select and Master Commercial Contractor Certification, GAF Premium Coating System Commercial Contractor Certification also GAF President Club Award since 2015.

Why choose us:

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Roof replacements are a major task that requires only the best-skilled professionals to get it right from the first time. We are committed to offering you high-quality services as we have the best roofers in Roswell on our team. We have multiple Haag Engineering Certified Inspectors on staff to ensure high quality roofing inspection when the work is done.

When in need of roof replacement companies in Roswell or the metro Atlanta area please don’t hesitate to call Future Roof and Restoration at (770) 674-1553.

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We offer the following roof replacement options

We work with several types of roofing materials so you have a wide range of options to choose from. If they are not listed on our site reach out to us and we will go over with you the options we offer:

Asphalt shingles


Clay and concrete tiles

Built up roofing



Wood shingles and shakes

Composite shingles


Modified bitumen

And many more

We offer the following home roofing replacement services:

No matter what type of roof replacement services your prefer, our trained technicians who are all employees of Future Roof and Restoration and not subcontractors have experience and can be fully trusted with all house roofing types and services.

Full Roof Replacement

This involves removing the old roofing material and replacing it with brand new ones. This process could involve repairing or replacing the deck if necessary or any other damage that might show up in the process. Over time the cost of replacing your roof may outweigh the cost of constant repairs that arise from problems that are not being addressed with localized repairs.

Partial roof replacement

Partial roof replacements are done when the damage is more extensive and repairs don’t cut it but are still limited to just one or two sections of the roofing and not the whole roofing.

It’s usually more expensive than the full roof replacement cost per sq foot and it takes less time to complete. New shingles rarely match the old existing shingles so the idea is to avoid the patchwork effect that would show up from just repairing a few damaged spots.


Re-roofing is adding a second layer of shingles on top of the old shingles. Is the least expensive way to repair your roof when it comes to roof replacement cost per sf since there is no tear-off involved in the process.

While these savings might sound good when it comes time to replace the roof, tearing off 2 layers of roofing may offset any savings you had by opting for a re-roof.

Besides the fact that most building codes allow only 2 layers of roofing, some manufacturers will shorten or void the warranties if the new shingle is laid on top of the old shingles.

Roof replacement how often?

One of the questions we are not asked is “How often should I replace my roof?”
Unfortunately, until homeowners don’t have issues with their roofing this is the last question on their minds. If it doesn’t leak or fall apart most people will not notice that there is a problem with their roofing that is why we recommend regular roof inspections. We can detect problems before they become big problems. It’s always better to prevent big repairs and avoid extensive damage.
While roofs are not meant to be often replaced as long as you hired a reputable roof replacement company you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing your roof until near the end of its lifespan. A properly installed roofing with a ventilated attic and well maintained will have a long lifespan. If no severe storm damage, or any premature roofing failure arises and depending on the material we suggest a replacement as follows:

Composition shingles 12-20 years

Asphalt shingles 15-30 years

Wood shingles 20-25 years

Rubber roofs 30-50 years

Metal roofs 50-75 years

Evidently, this time frame will vary depending on the elements your roofing is exposed to over the years like severe winters, humidity high winds, extensive heat, hail, etc. We can inspect your roof and give you a roof replacement estimate cost if needed or a repair cost. Don’t let something as important as your roof go unchecked for years!

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Signs that your roof requires replacement

Old, damaged and worn down roofs can increase your expenses with your electric costs due to cracks, holes, leaks and inadequate insulation so it is essential to have an inspection done at least once a year to make sure your roofing is in a good shape. While it is a major expense a replacement is the best way to go when the roofing is in a bad shape and cannot be fixed anymore or the cost of repairs would be similar or more to the cost of getting a brand new roofing.

evidence of water damage - mold
missing shingles - roof leak
damaged roof

Common signs that it’s time for reroofing a house include:

Evidence of water damage

If your roofing is not inspected periodically, water damage might slip your concern until it’s too late and the water enters your house through the shingles. This could include signs of wood rot and mold. If not discovered in time, the water and moisture accumulation would only worsen over time and cost more money to fix. When this occurs, we advise a full roof replacement to stop future harm to your house

Signs of age

You should also take account of a few factors as you analyze your alternatives and determine if the reroof cost is too much or not, when you could still make some repairs, you should also make notes of a couple of things. How old is your roofing is the primary question you need to ask yourself. If your roofing is older than 15 years and has evident age issues like curling shingles, bald shingles, sagging, moss growth, roofing debris in the gutter, and leaks, it’s time for a roof replacement estimate! Call us at: 770-674-1553 and we will give you the best roof replacement cost in Roswell and the metro Atlanta area.

You wish to raise your home’s market value or curbside appearance

New roofing will always make your home look good and at the same time increase the value of your home and make it more attractive for future buyers as they won’t need to consider new roof costs in their budget when purchasing your home.

Missing, broken or cracked shingles

Shingles that are bucked or curled

Discolored and fading roofing

Damage to any of the roof flashing: skylights, chimney seals, vents

Blistering or peeling paint

Attic issues

A damaged and old roofing is a huge expense for any homeowner. It allows for the air to escape which makes the HVAC system work harder. Mold, moisture, and leaks can harm the structure of your roofing, making it hazardous and lowering the valuation of your house at the same time. If you notice any of the above issues it’s time to call the pros from Future Roof and Restoration at 770- 674-1553. We will do a full inspection from top to bottom and pinpoint any issues that will require repairs or if needed a complete replacement if there are too many repairs needed and give you a full replacement quote.

Hiring a reputable roofer is crucial when it comes to proper installation, locking in manufacturer warranties, and setting your roof up to maximum longevity with workmanship guarantees. And that’s why the best one you can hire in Roswell and the metro Atlanta area is Future Roof and Restoration. We make the entire process as easy as possible so contact us today.

What is included in roof replacement?

Each component of your roof’s comprehensive roofing system, which consists of a variety of roofing materials and parts, is essential for ensuring the safety of your family.


Roof flashing is a metal that is used everywhere your shingles meet a wall, chimney, or open valley. If it isn’t rusted and the metal’s integrity is still solid, it might not need to be changed.

Drip edges

To help regulate the flow of water from your fascia and other roofing components, this metal flashing is inserted at the roof’s corners. As it is required to have this component on all roof and can result in a failing grade on a home inspection if it is missing, it must always be replaced. If you select a low-cost roofing contractor who decides to skimp and skip it, you will need to remedy this problem before you can put your house on the market.


The decking is covered with this felt material

to give further protection. This will always be included with your new roof and it’s crucial to purchase only the best quality and not go with cheap roofing companies that are only looking to cut the cost by purchasing lower quality materials.

Pipe boots

When you get a new roof, this synthetic rubber

boot that surrounds the roof penetrations and is always required because cracked pipe boots are the most typical source of leaks.

what is included in roof replacement?

Ridge capping

This trim is put in place at the top of the roofs where two slopes merge. They are pre-bent and thicker than standard shingles, allowing them to conform to the ridges on the roofs.

Roof decking

This component might or might not need to be replaced. We will only know after we tear off the roof and assess its integrity. If the decking is rotten then it definitely needs to be replaced but if it’s in a good condition and we consider it can handle the new shingles we will not replace it.

Roof vents

To extend the life of your roofing you need proper attic ventilation. This is done with roof vents that will help eliminate hot air trapped under it.

Ice and water shield

This watertight membrane guards against ice and water damage to your roof. They are fitted around your roof valleys and penetrations to shield it from continuous rainwater flow.


Your roof’s top layer is the one that is most easily seen from the outside. Make sure you choose a good quality material that will last you a long time

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What does the roof replacement process look like?

Most of the above roof components will be replaced when we replace a roof so the new material will be ordered to your home.

You will be asked to move your vehicles out of the way to protect them from stray and debris that could fall during work.

The next step would be preparing your home for the tear-off by tarping the ground for the dump zone and covering your shrubs and landscaping.

Tearing off your old roofing in sections starting at the further corner, away from the driveway so that we always move towards the dumpster and not away from it.

Your gutters will be cleaned out as soon as one section is torn off to make sure no debris gets stuck during the tear off.

When tear off is completed, gutters cleaned, the new underlayment is laid down and drip edges installed, we always install the new roofs working our way systematically around the house. When shingles are installed we put all the ridge capping and vents.

Clean up after the job is finished. We always make sure that everything on the rooftop and ground is cleaned. Nails are picked up, leftover debris removed, and gutters and downspouts cleared.

Final inspection. After the work has been finished we always perform a final inspection to make sure the quality of your new roof matches the highest standards you could expect when investing in roofing replacement with a reputable roofing contractor like Future Roof and Restoration

roof replacement

Roof Replacement Quotes

To keep your home safe and dry you need reliable roofing solutions for your home that can handle rough weather conditions and keep your shingles, tiles, metal or slate roofs clear of damage. Any kind of damage to the roofing material or underlayment can cause big issues down the road and become really expensive to fix. Most of the time your best option is to get a complete roof replacement. Full replacements or reroofing a house is more economical in many cases than patching and repairing aged and damaged roofs.

When you reach out to any roofing company with questions like “what is a roof replacement average cost?”, “What is your average cost to tear off and replace a roof?” “how much does a reroofing cost?”, “How much does it cost to replace roof shingles?”, “what is the cost for metal roof replacement?”, “ Can you estimate the cost to replace fascia and soffit?”, “How much is roof replacement cost per square foot?”, “How much is tile roof replacement cost?”, “How much it costs to redo my roof?” most of them will tell you they can give you the cheapest price in town, but don’t be fooled by the price because a low price rarely comes with good quality materials. A cheap roof replacement comes with low grade materials, installed by inexperienced and uninsured roof replacement contractors. Future roof and Restoration only offers quality and affordable roof replacement that consist of the highest quality materials available on the market, and are installed by the most experienced roofers with Owens Corning Platinum Roofing Contractor certification, GAF Factory-Certified Contractor certification, and a CertainTeed 5-star Roof Contractor certification. We have years of experience with home roof replacement as well as commercial roofs. We have experience with all types and sizes and possible issues that might arise during reroofing or replacing process and we are fully insured for everyone’s protection. We are well known for maintaining good communication with our customers at all times and addressing any concerns that might arise in a timely manner.

We all know the hassle involved with any insurance claim! We are here to help! After we complete your new roof cost estimate Future Roof and Restoration files the claim and helps you during every step of the process. Once insurance approves the claim we notify you about the start date and get to work quickly! With us re roofs and roof replacements become an easy process when dealing with the insurance companies.

Roof Replacements vs Repairs

While from a financial perspective, repairs seem like a good fix, sometimes repairs and patching are not enough and you will need a new roof! Sometimes even the cost of reroofing a house is less than the cost of the repairs done to the roof over a period of time.

Need a new roof? We are your local roof replacement contractor in Roswell and the metro Atlanta area.

Roofs often are the largest investments people make in their homes, It can also yield the biggest return if done correctly. Studies show that new roofing yields over 80% of the organ cost upon resale. More than 30% of real estate agents accredited roofing improvements to their quick closings.

So the big question around roof restoration is whether should you opt for re-roofing or a completely new roof replacement.

Let’s explore both of those options here

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